May 29, 2016

ImagineFX Issue 136

I recently had the pleasure of painting ImagineFX magazine's latest cover image!

ImagineFX - CreativeBloq

If you get the chance to pick up a copy of the magazine, there is a step-by-step tutorial showing how I've painted this image, including several Photoshop brushes and layered .psd files.

There is also a 3-hour-long video showing the entire painting process (sped up) with a bit of additional talking and explaining from yours truly. :)

May 15, 2016

Shadows over Innistrad

Some vampire Illustrations I did for Magic: The Gathering's Shadows over Innistrad!

Ravenous Bloodseeker giftbox promo

Falkenrath Gorger

Indulgent Aristocrat

And a double-faced card:
Elusive Tormentor Buy-A-Box promo
Insidious Mist Buy-A-Box promo

Yay, vampires! I really loved working on this set - Innistrad might be my favorite plane.