Feb 19, 2011

Sneak Preview

I've been busy with different things lately and working on something very exciting for me that I can't quite talk about yet. I can, however, show you a teeny-tiny preview of a different painting I'm doing at the moment!
It's still a little rough at this stage, but expect the finished image soon!

Sneak Peek ;) 

I am also deliberating about the best way to tackle the guide/tutorial that people have been asking me to make. Definitely very high up on my to-do list :)

Feb 10, 2011


Here's a study from life that I did a while ago. The little guy made such pretty reflected light!

 This was actually painted in Lab-mode, which I've been experimenting with lately. Most of the time the differences to RGB are barely noticeable, but there is probably a lot more to discover. One thing that stood out to me was that in Lab the colors seem to behave like light, whereas in RGB they are more like paint - the best example for that is how red and green blend.
I might try switching back and forth in one painting and see how that goes!

Feb 6, 2011

First Post!

I did a little sketch the other day and just when I started liking it, there was a power outage. Being used to working with a laptop and not expecting such a thing to happen, I lost everything. But after a short burst of rage I decided to start over again and save some steps this time!

Here is the finished painting. (Please click to enlarge)
Click to enlarge.

... and here are the steps:

This is not necessarily the way I always work - I like to switch it up and try different approaches every time.

Would you like to see a more detailed step-by-step progress of a painting in the future?