Mar 15, 2011

Genie Doodle

This started as a random doodle to clear my head after a long day, so the process for this image was very intuitive and different fromt he last one I showed. That's why there is another progress video for you to watch!

Most of the painting was done with a custom variation of a default Photoshop brush, which I put up for download for you! It's very simple, but fun for sketching and feels a bit like a pencil when you set the size to 2-5px. Please tell me how you like it!

And by the way, any input on what you would expect from the little guide/tutorial I've been talking about would be greatly appreciated. Someone suggested streaming it, which is a great idea for the future, but I won't do it this time.
I was thinking about putting a few custom brushes up for download and maybe giving tips on how to use them. How does that sound? What else would you guys like to know or see?

Mar 6, 2011

Withering Forest

This is the finished painting of the teaser I showed you last time. It's a slightly bigger version than the one on my deviantArt, so please click to enlarge!

And here are some close-ups exclusively for all the great people who like to look at my blog. (Again, please click it for a bigger picture.)